Henry Lawes: Five Songs for John Milton's Masque "Comus"

Henry Lawes' Five Songs for John Milton's Masque: Comus

This concert performance recreates the five songs which Henry Lawes wrote for the staging of John Milton's Masque, now called Comus, after its dominant figure – though he is the villain of the piece! The songs are associated with his virtuous opponents, principally a Spirit and the Lady – and Sabrina, a watersprite, who rescues her. This video documentary is part of a systematic effort to bring to life Milton's works through a variety of appropriate stagings, including a full but updated performance of Comus, and a staging of Paradise Lost as a neoclassical play, as it was first conceived by Milton, before he expanded it to epic form. These re-creations provided material for a documentary, "Milton by Himself," later released by Films for the Humanities.



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