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Milton Revealed has just added a page devoted to "Milton and Theatricality" drafted by Brendan M. Prawdzik. He welcomes comment and suggested additions at Brendan will take up an appointment as Assistant Professor in 17th C. English literature at Christian Brothers University, Memphis TN, in Fall 2012, having taught at the University of California Berkeley, where he completed his dissertation on Milton on Stage: Drama, Sin, and the Holy Script. He has held fellowships at St. Andrews University and U.C. Berkeley. After several other recent additions our site also seeks general comment and suggestions about these additions and possible further development. These may be sent to its director, Hugh Richmond, at

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Legendary Pictures Abandons its "Paradise Lost" Production

Legendary Pictures has abandoned its film of "Paradise Lost" according to Brent Lang in The Wrap (February 09, 2012). The movie was first delayed by Legendary seeking to trim the budget, but special effects such as bringing the battle between heaven and hell to life involved technology that made any cuts impossible. Stars like Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck and Benjamin Walker were not enough to save the project.

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Paradise Lost at the Movies

Various sources suggest possibilities for forthcoming movies of Milton's Paradise Lost. On 9/16/10 Variety mentioned a director for a film of Paradise Lost and on 5/4/11 it said Bradley Cooper might be cast as Satan. While this major project (one hundred million dollars budget?) remains in pre-production, there are notices of another independently-produced film of Milton's epic (up to thirty-five million dollars?). It has been suggested that the first project will be distributed by Warner Brothers , with Alex Proyas as director. The smaller project is attributed to Granite Entertainment and STV Networks. No exact release dates are given but the films might be available in a year or two.

Milton Revealed

Recently faculty at the English Department at U.C. Berkeley initiated a site devoted to heightening modern awareness of Milton's relevance and currency by using audio-visual approaches already successfully used with another UCB site at The new Milton site is entitled "Milton Revealed" and is to be found at The site is now in a very preliminary state but will include many Milton-related images, as well as videos already prepared by the English Department, including a documentary called "Milton By Himself" and recordings of performances of "Comus" and "Paradise Lost." A relevant bibliography will be prepared in due course as well as new essays about the materials. At present we are simply establishing a core group of those interested (and learning to operate the site!) before developing a long-term program.