Milton Marathon: University of Richmond

Schwartz, Louis 9:42 AM (14 minutes ago)

Just letting people who might be in or near the Richmond, VA area on February 28th know that my seminar students will be hosting a marathon reading of Paradise Lost on Saturday February 28th.

We’ll start at 7:30 pm in the Whitehurst Living Room, in Whitehurst Hall (near the Richmond College Dorms on the University of Richmond campus). The reading will continue through dawn on Sunday morning.

All are welcome to participate. Simply feel free to join the readers’ circle and to stay for all or just part of the night. Bring a copy of the poem, if you have one. Copies will also be available at the reading, if you don’t. Light refreshments (and lots of coffee!) will also be available, but feel free to bring your own food and/or drink to share.

For more information, please contact Louis Schwartz (804)-289-8315 or email:


Louis Schwartz Professor of English Chair, English Department University of Richmond 28 Westhampton Way

Richmond, VA 23173Office: Ryland Hall 308 Phone: (804) 289-8315 Email:

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Colgate will host its first marathon starting Sunday March 1st at noon, so it will be Miltonic weekend. We at Hamilton will be hosting our 6th annual marathon Sunday April 12th.--Margie